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Not all paintball sites are the same.

Fed up of playing at tired, old, poorly managed paintball sites?

Come and play at a truly 21st Century venue. We bring years of experience along with a fresh outlook to running paintball games. With the emphasis placed on customer experience, we’ve set out to raise the standards that other sites class as acceptable and bring you your best day out ever.

With better game zones, better equipment, better facilities and better staff, there is only one option for a premier paintball experience: Camouflage Paintball!

We have the best game zones in the industry, such as an impressive two story castle , "The Gates of Mordor" and even life size trucks in our Captain America field.

Game zones Game zones image bournemouth

We have the best equipment avalible anywhere, including the world’s only Inferno Minigun. All equipment is regularly inspected, cleaned and maintained by our fully trained staff, to ensure your enjoyment.

Minigun old guns

Our facilities are first class and include heated flushing toilets, cleaned regularly throughout the day, onsite shop, undercover seating, secure lockers and a large carpark.

Male and female toilets Poor facilties

Our experienced marshals are the secret to your great day out. Every marshal has been trained by experienced management to ensure your safety and comfort during your visit.

Lunch giff Poor staff

No more soggy hot-dogs or cardboard-flavoured burgers. We provide the best lunch option in the industry, a branded pizza delivered on site, with special order dietary options.

Pizza Lunch Burger

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