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23-03-21 Camouflage Paintball -
Spring Forestry Maintenance

With the very exciting news that the end of lockdown is finally around the corner we are busy preparing our sites for reopening.  



Over the past few weeks we have been busy behind the scenes carrying out essential maintenance to make sure our playing areas are safe.

We have discovered that there are some fallen trees which can become a playing hazard, using a chainsaw, these trees are quickly dealt with.We have two sites, one based in Christchurch, Bournemouth, which is ideally located next to such towns such as Poole, Wareham, Verwood and Blandford Forum and East Morden.The second site is located near Alton, in Hampshire.

This site is easily accessed from towns such as Holybourne, Basingstoke, Hook, Bordon, Fleet and Camberley.
We have many exciting game zones such as the Castle field and the Gates of Mordor. Why not use our Google interactive tour to view our game fields.

We are all very excited to welcome back players as soon as we can, so you can experience an action packed day at Camouflage Paintball/Airsoft.


02-02-21 Camouflage Paintball -
COVID Secure venue measures shown on website

When visiting our Paintball/Airsoft venues in the south of England, you will discover that we have taken all the necessary measures to ensure our venues are COVID Secure.

We have added a COVID Secure section to our website that shows the measures that we are taking to make our sites COVID Secure, which we created using a dedicated photo shoot.

Our safe zones have been constructed and built to the very highest of standards, and include a heated toilet block with flushing toilets, as well as ample undercover seating. Our large sites allow each group to be socially distanced, we have lockers for the safe stroage of valuables and even an on-site shop, allowing for the purchase of refreshments between games as well as smoke and frag grenades for the over 18’s.


Our paintball/Airsoft sites are located in Dorset and the Hampshire countryside. Ideally suited to towns such as Bournemouth, Salisbury, Southampton, Basingstoke, Aldershot, Guildford, Hurn, Farnham, Winchester and the surrounding area.
Why not book into one of our outstanding Paintball / Airsoft sites and see why Camouflage is your number one choice.


Camouflage Paintball - Best Paintball In The UK

Netting reapir


Forget about the rest, choose Camouflage Paintball if you want to experience the best paintballing in the UK

There’s nothing else out there that makes you feel as alive as paintballing. Channelling all your adrenaline and energy into a day of paintballing is a great way to blow off some steam, especially after what this year has given us. Whether you want to book a stag do, get the boys together for a bonding session or simply try something you’ve never done before, we’re the only people to choose when you want an epic paintballing experience.


At Camouflage Paintball we offer an elite paintballing experience at our state-of-the-art facilities. Forget your bog-standard paintballing sites, and say hello to an unforgettable day that has been designed with paintballing in mind.

On our website we’ve got plenty of info for you to look at, such as information on our two sites at Alton & Bournemouth, as well as reasons why we’re the best amongst other companies out there.

If you’d like to go ahead and get booking for your next paintballing session, follow the steps on our booking page. To speak to us for bookings and general enquiries, call us on 01252 961 520.  

Latest News

06-11-20 Camouflage Paintball - Book Paintball

Get everyone back together and book paintballing for a fun bonding activity

Now more than ever before we need to make plans for the future, so we have something to focus and look forward to. Nothing will bring you and your friends together quite like a fun filled day of paintball, and by booking with us, you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.

We have two paintball sites, one based in Alton and one in Bournemouth.

Unlike other paintball game zones, our sites are built from the ground up to provide you with the most extreme and ultimate paintball experience.

Forget pallets and tyres, and instead say hello to sites that are designed purely for an epic paintballing day that you won’t forget.



<Paintball Aldershot>
We can cater to all sorts of parties such as stag do’s, hen do’s, workdays, birthday parties, school trip and college trips. You’ll also have the added option of pizza lunches and will be in the capable hands of our excellent team throughout the day.

To go ahead and make a booking for either of our sites, follow the steps on our booking form page or give us a call on (01252) 961 520.

10-01-20 Camouflage Paintball -
Fence Repair

Netting reapir


As part of our maintenance cycle we’ve repaired our fire exit gate, at our Alton site. Rigorous maintenance helps us ensure our sites are in perfect condition for every game and our high health and safety standards are maintained.

We have some of the best paintball game zones in the country such as the the Castle, the Bunker, and Captain America which even has 4 trucks, a tank and and a full size missile for a truly exceptional game experience.

Our Alton site is located near Godalming, Liphook, Selborne, Farnham, and Aldershot. Our Paintball sites have some of the finest paintball facilities in the country.

18-10-19 Camouflage Paintball -
Student Fresher’s Fairs

Camouflage Paintball were pleased to attend two college fresher’s fairs recently. The first being held at Farnborough College of Technology. The second was at Bournemouth University, we attended the shows to promote our new Student package. The shows were a great success with a good turn out on the day and with lots of students expressing an interest in the sites.

We offer exceptional value for money with all our packages. We are currently voted the best value paintball by the Paintball Price Comparison webste in the South of England. All of our packages come with all the equipment you need to play, including freshly laundered coveralls, Inferno marker, full face goggles, body armour, back pack and gas refills throughout the day.


<Paintball Aldershot>

You will find our sites in Hampshire and Dorset. The Hampshire site is close to towns and villages including Basingstoke, Hook, Fleet, Holybourne, Petersfield, and Farnborough. Our Dorset site serves towns and villages such as Boscombe, Broadstone, Hurn, Hook, and Barton On Sea. We offer the best value for money and have the best game zones and equipment in the industry.

Netting reapir

24-09-19 Camouflage Paintball - Netting Maintenance

The spring storms were quite rough on the netting on some
of our game zones. For this reason, maintenance is essential
and our Captain America field at Alton was the first to receive the tender loving care that keeps our paintball sites the best
in the country.

Maintenance of this type ensures that high standards of heath and safety are maintained and keeps the game zones to a standard that makes them enjoyable to play.

You will find the best game zones in the country, like the Castle, Bunker, and Captain America.

The Captain America game zone even has 4 trucks, a tank and a life size missile for a truly exciting game experience.

Located at our Alton site, which is close to towns and villagessuch as Godalming, Liphook, Selborne, Farnham, and Aldershot, these game zones provide one of the most amazing paintball experiances ever.

13-09-19 Camouflage Paintball -
Ticket Promotion

Camouflage Paintball is proud to announce it’s biggest promotion to date. We are sending out 2.5 million tickets in the post and they will be arriving very soon. Each ticket allows up to 4 customers to play paintball with a 100 paintballs, each for FREE.

We have unique and exciting game zones. The Alton site has a two story castle and a Captain America field, featuring a missile and even replica trucks that you can climb into and use for cover. The Alton site is located close to the towns of Basingstoke, Liss, Farnham, Winchester, Deepcut, Camberley and many more.

The Bournemouth site features The Gates Of Mordor, with our exclusive Inferno Minigun. Other exciting fields include the Mayan Jungle and Death Valley a short distance from towns and villages such as West Parley, Hampreston, Stapehill, Hurn and Branksome.

<Paintball Aldershot>

06-02-19 Camouflage Paintball -
Changing Lenses

<Paintballing Southampton>

The equipment we use at our sites are inspected on a regular basis for signs of any damage. Goggles are a very important part of the equipment that customers use and our trained staff inspect them before each game day. We have the best equipment you will find in the industry. Our goggles offer customers full head protection for safety and comfort. After each game day the goggles are hygienically cleaned before they are used by the next customer.

If there are any large scratches or marks on the lens they are replaced. We take health and safety very seriously, part of our marshal training that each marshal has to cover are topics such as marker maintenance, game scenario training, health and safety and many more.

We have produced videos on all our equipment that details the advantages and benefits of each piece of equipment.

You will find our Alton Paintball site near towns such Chawton, Selborne, Meastead and Four Marks.

If you want to experience the best paintball venue, then Camouflage Paintball is your only choice.

08-01-19 Camouflage Paintball -
Barricade Maintenance

At Camouflage Paintball, we regularly have to carry out important site maintenance. All of our paintball game zones are set in woodland, therefore we have to battle against mother nature. In this case, a tree had fallen onto a barricade after strong winds. We have to keep our game fields clear of any fallen trees, as they can become a hazard to players. We take heath and safety very seriously at our paintball sites.

We set to work replacing the wooden barricade, it was not long before the game field was safe to use again. We have a variety of challenging and exciting game fields to experience. Our sites has 6 game zones, each field offers a different themed game. To complete The Mayan Jungle, players have to find the hidden puzzle pieces scattered amongst the pyramids. They then need to complete the puzzle while under fire from other players to win the game in a set time.

<Paintball Aldershot>

Our Bournemouth venue offers customers the best possible paintballing experience. Using our Google tour you can take a look around the site and view each game field. Our Bournemouth venue is located a short distance from towns such as Studland, Whitchurch, Amesbury, and Weymouth. Book in today and experience a action packed day of paintball with Camouflage Paintball.

02-01-19 Camouflage Paintball -
Installing New Sign Posts

<Paintballing Windsor>

After installing new signposts, we attached signs. We now have plenty of signs in place around the site car park, together with the best facilities that you will find anywhere in the Paintball industry. Take a look around our site, using our online Google tour to see them in detail.




Our paintball sites are in Alton, Hampshire and near Bournemouth, Dorset. We have the best game zones you will find at any site. The bridge is an impressive purpose built structure located at the end of the valley. The game objective is to carry an ammo box across the bridge to one of the two huts to win. Sounds simple? but you will be under fire from all directions!

The Gates of Mordor field has the worlds only Inferno Minigun. Mounted in one of the two towers, the Minigun has twice the firepower of a regular Inferno marker and can reach virtually anywhere on the game field. The blast shield provides cover from incoming fire, it is FREE to use and can be used by juniors and adults alike. Why not watch our exciting video and see for your self!

You will find our Bournemouth paintball site close to towns such as Verwood, Wimbourne, Ringwood, Woodgreen, Holt, Hurn and Poole in Dorset. Book in today and visit the number one paintball venue in South of England.

15-12-18 Camouflage Paintball -
Digging Holes For Posts

At our Bournemouth paintball site we need additional signage, to insure safety in the car park. Our sites have large car parks, which provide customers with plenty of parking and can even accommodate coaches. Our sites facilities are among the best in the industry. You will find a heated toilet block, lockers, under cover seating and an onsite shop selling a verity of refreshments.

Using an industrial auger, we set about drilling holes for the extra signposts. Once the holes are prepared the signposts could be cemented into position ready for the new parking signs to be mounted.

Our Bournemouth paintball site is very close to towns such as Poole, Holton Heath, Ringwood, Frogham, Hurn, West Moors and Ringwood. We also have a paintball site in Alton Hampshire next to towns such as Hook, Chineham, Farnborough, Fleet and Winchester, Camberley, Aldershot, and many more.

Book your exciting paintballing game via our online booking system and see how you too can experience the ultimate game of paintball.


<Paintball Guildford>

05-10-18 Camouflage Paintball -
Stump Grinding

<Paintballing Guildford>



After a recent round of tree pruning the next stage is to use specialist equipment to woodchip the remaining stumps. The machine quickly turns the stumps into wood chips, which we can then use around our paintball sites. We always try to be environmentally friendly and reuse products when possible.

With the area cleared, it will not be long before we can start construction of our expansion of the safe zone. This will ensure we have extra capacity for players.

Our Bournemouth site is ideally located close to the towns such as Brockenhurst, Burton, Verwood, Frogham, Alderbury, Highcliffe and Bransgore.

Please call our office or book online today, see why Camouflage Paintball is the top choice for hosting your paintball event.

29-08-18 Camouflage Paintball -
Clearing Tress at Bournemouth

As part of our expansion programme at our Bournemouth site, we have been clearing space, so we can expand our safe zone to provide greater capacity for our customers, to achieve this we have had to remove some of the large trees next to the safe zone.

Our safe zones offers you the best facilities in the paintball industry.  You will find a heated toilet block, and an onsite shop, selling chilled drinks, snacks, grenades and gloves. We also have lockers and undercover seating availabe. You can use the Google interactive tour to view the safe zone and game fields.

Our Bournemouth paintball site is ideally located for stag days, birthday parties and fun days out. The site is close to towns such as Christchurch, Ringwood, Ropley, Verwood, Poole, Bere Regis, Broadstone, Ferndown and many others.

Book in and see why Camouflage Paintball is the first choice to host your paintball experience today!

<Paintball Southampton>

01-06-18 Camouflage Paintball -
Forestry Maintenance

<Paintballing Baskingstoke>



Due to the rural nature of our paintball sites we have to keep up with maintenance all year round. As part of the schedule we inspect the game zones, and occasionally we have fallen trees in the playing areas.

As any fallen trees may become a hazard to players and we have to remove them. We have the best playing fields in the paintball industry.  We have many exciting game zones such as the Castle field and the Gates of Mordor. Why not use our Google interactive tour to view our game fields.

Using a chainsaw, we can quickley deal with any fallen trees as we have two sites, one based in Christchurch, Bournemouth, which is ideally located next to such towns such as Poole, Wareham, Verwood and Fordingbridge.

The second site is located near Alton, in Hampshire.
This site is easily accessed from towns such as Holybourne, Basingstoke, Hook, Bordon, and Fleet.

Why not book in today and see why Camouflage Paintball is the number one choice.


15-05-18 Camouflage Paintball -
Goggle Storage Rack

We are undergoing a safe zone expansion at our Bournemouth paintball site in Dorset. We are constructing a new custom-built Goggle rack. We are always looking to improve the efficiency and design of the safe zone.

Working from CAD drawings, the new goggle rack is designed to easily store customer’s goggles, so that they are kept in top condition. The rack also makes it quicker to distribute them when needed on a game day.

Our safe zones have been constructed and built to the very highest standards, and includes a heated toilet block, undercover seating, lockers and even an onsite shop.

Our paintball sites are located in Dorset and the Hampshire countryside. Ideally suited to towns such as Bournemouth, Salisbury, Southampton, Basingstoke, Aldershot, Guildford, Hurn, Farnham and the surrounding area.

Why not book into one of our outstanding paintball sites and see why Camouflage is your number one choice.

<Paintball Deepcut>

22-01-18 Camouflage Paintball -
Generator Maintenance

<Paintballing Baskingstoke>


The rural nature of some of our paintball sites requires on site electricity generation to provide the safezone with power. Having electricity allows us to provide
state-of-the-art facilities, which include chilled drinks, hot tea and coffee as well as a heated toilet block.

Therefore regular servicing of electrical generating equipment is essential. With a newly acquired pump and tools, its time to get to work. It is also a good time to perform other essential maintenance checks, such a circuit breakers, lights and electrical plugs. The service of the generator and associated equipment is carried out every few hundred hours to ensure it is working to its full potential at all times.

If you are located in the area of Basingstoke, Four Marks, Medstead, Frimley, Fleet, Yatley and Farnham or any other locations in the south and South East of England, then why not call the Camouflage Paintball team to experience the best adventure days out.


29-11-17 Camouflage Paintball -
New Toys Turn Up

Even though our paintball sites are located in the middle of the forest, we go to extreme lengths to provide creature comforts for our players between games and the people who supervise their groups and wait patiently in our safe zone during the games.

Here we provide customers with first class facilities such as light under cover seating, heated toilet blocks with hot water and secure lockers, hot water for our free tea and coffee, as well as the odd Pot Noodle customer!

For some of our locations we have to generate electricity ourselves and do this with a generator. Like all equipment, the generator has to be maintained, to keep it in top condition.

The latest addition to our set of essential maintenance equipment for the generator is an electric fuel pump – just received, unpacked and set up by our keen marshals.

Our facilities will make you feel that you are staying at a hotel rather than a paintball site. The location of our sites is ideally situated in the south of England which covers many areas such as Wareham, Ringwood, Brokenhurst, Salisbury, Eastleigh, Basingstoke and Southampton.

<Paintball Camberley>

Paintball is an exciting and a very fast pace team activity and can be enjoyed by anyone over the age of eleven. Call today and book your game with us!  There is no better venue than Camouflage Paintball – with all the creature comforts!


22-11-17 Camouflage Paintball -
Strimming Takes Place

<Paintballing Baskingstoke>

Paintballing is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by all the family young and old. It is great activity for a birthday or friends or maybe a work get together.




The team at camouflage paintball work hard to keep the facilities in top condition all year and now it is time for the area around the safe zone to be cut back.

We make sure the site looks the best it can all year round. With the sites being built in the heart of the woods there is always mother nature to battle against.

We have fired up one of our strimmers and taken on the brambles. Our paintballing site in Bournemouth which include towns such as Christchurch, Southampton, Weymouth, Ringwood, Poole and the surrounding areas. Our other site is located near Alton includes towns and villages such as Petersfield, Winchester, Bordon, Farnborough, Fleet, Guildford and many more. We regularly maintain our sites to a high standard to ensure you have the best experience possible.

The work is carried out to ensure the safety of our professional marshals when working. If you would like to take a look around the sites, please use our Google tour and see why Camouflage Paintball is best choice for your paintball games.

14-11-17 Camouflage Paintball -
Strimmer Toys

Site maintenance is always an on going task and needs to be done throughout the year to ensure the site is tidy for all customers. The latest addition to our array of equipment is a new strimmer. One of our marshals was keen to get his hands on the new toy. But before any strimming can start it first needs to assembled! Getting out the manual and armed with tools, it was not long before it was assembled and ready to be used!

We have two locations, one at Alton in Hampshire, which is ideally located for the towns of Guildford, Camberley, Farnborough and Farnham.  The second paintball site is in Bournemouth Dorset, within easy reach of towns such as Poole, Ringwood, Southampton and many more.

The safe zone is the area customers use between playing games and has facilities such as heated male and female toilets, tea and coffee facilities and an onsite shop.

<Paintball Farnbrough>

We take pride in the appearance of our sites and are keen to make sure they are always kept in tiptop condition through out the year. Why not book and you can experience why Camouflage Paintball is the best site in the business.

05-11-17 Camouflage Paintball -
The Autumn Clean Up

<Paintballing Hampshire>

Our paintball site at Alton in Hampshire needs a autumn sweep up. We have got the big guns out and blown up the leaves to make the safe zone clean and tidy for customers. Our safe zones provides protection from the elements, and has the best amenities in the industry, making sure you enjoy your time with us at Camouflage Paintball.


As you can see there was rather a large pile of leaves collected over the last few days. Our safe zone includes lockers, male and female toilets, on site shop and even free tea and coffee to enjoy while you play or wait.  We are open all year round even during the winter months so you can experience game zones such as the
Gates of Mordor,
Captain America and even play in our two story life size castle.

Why not take a look around our safe zone by using our Google tour which allows you to look around the entire site. If you would like to book, to experience the
ultimate day of paintball in Dorset including Bournemouth, Christchurch, Southampton, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Salisbury, Ringwood, Poole and Winchester.

Our Alton site is situated on the A32 in Hampshire not far from the Surrey border and is therefore ideally located to serve the towns and villages in both counties such as Baskingstoke, Petersfield, Winchester, Bordon, Camberley, Southampton, Guildford, Chichester and Farnborough.

20-07-17 Camouflage Paintball -
Our New Site Maps at our Paintball
Site in Alton

Our Alton paintball site is extremely popular in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, mostly because the site itself is vast, offering various game zones. The site itself is substantial, so much so that you can always expect a truly adrenalin pumping experience against the opposition.

With a castle to fight for in the centre of the site, it’s important to familiarise yourself with your surroundings before you and your team go charging into the unknown. That’s why we have now installed new site maps at our paintball site in Alton – we’ll also be doing so for our other paintball site in Bournemouth.

Our new map means that you will be able to seriously plan your tactics and put together a mission that will succeed. Whether you sneak around the outside or you’re sending comrades through the centre as a distraction, our new map will be of great use to you.

Along with the layout of our paintball site, we also give you information about the playing fields overall, with hints and tips. If it’s your first-time paintballing, there’s no need for you to worry about not knowing the layout, you can learn it quickly with our site map.

You will be able to see the entire site and our facilities, along with more information on game zones, tactics & strategy hints, and more.

Experience paintballing today here at
Camouflage Paintball!

<Paintball Alton>

30-06-17 Camouflage Paintball -
Our New Minigun is being
installed on-site

<Paintballing Hampshire>

It was only a few weeks ago that we wrote a couple of posts about our new Minigun that will be available for paintballers at our Bournemouth site, and now we can reveal it is being installed. We all love the competitive edge of paintballing, and that is why we’re spicing up the ante with our new paintball Minigun.

Our CAD Minigun design was brilliant to be a part of, and the prototype Minigun was amazing to behold. Its handling is brilliant, and its accuracy and power will let you feel like you're in control and within a real battle.

To reach the new Minigun on our paintball site, you will have to race for it. It is located in the tower on the Gates of Mordor game zone, giving you an advantage when you’re under attack.

The Minigun is a double Inferno gun emplacement on a gimbaling stand, protected with a blast shield. Afraid of incoming fire? No need when you have the protection of the blast shield, kneel behind it and fire at your enemy. With effective protection, higher ground, and rapid-fire power, you are well protected against the enemy and have the advantage over them.

You will have two paintball guns fixed together with a crank firing handle; this allows paintballers to alternately fire both guns, making it effective for continuous defensive fire.

Paintballing in Surrey and Hampshire has never
been so good!

22-06-17 Camouflage Paintball -
Our Bournemouth
Paintballing Facilities

For anyone looking to go paintballing at a state-of-the-art paintball facility can rely on our Bournemouth paintballing site. At Camouflage Paintball, we’re all for improving our current facilities to improve customer experience.

Our latest addition is our new, green and ecologically friendly toilets. We already had environmentally friendly toilets in place, but now we’ve expanded our lavatory capacity for our excitable paintballers.

Whether you do need to go to the loo during your game, or you wish to wash off paint from the aftermath of a game, then our modern toilets will be there for you and available at all times. Not only that, but they will be eco-friendly, so you can give yourself a pat on the back for helping to conserve the environment.

Whether you’re planning to come and visit us this summer or during the winter, having quality toilets at the site is a great comfort to you. Their efficiency and cleanliness means that you can use them at your convenience; whether you need to clean yourself up or change into some clothes in private, you can do as you please in our new eco-friendly lavatories.

Our Bournemouth paintballing site is one of our most popular. It’s extensive enough already, but it is continuing to expand over time, and the game zones available are the best in the area.

Take a look at our Bournemouth paintballing information today on our website.

<Paintball traning videos Camberley>

14-06-17 Camouflage Paintball -
Our Minigun Prototype
Construction Begin

<Paintballing Alton area>

We have our brand-new paintball minigun design, and now construction of the prototype begins. Our sister engineering company has designed our new minigun successfully and we're very excited with the digital form. Early signs suggest that our new paintball guns will certainly not disappoint, optimising your paintballing to the maximum.

Paintballing in the South East of England
has never been better; with substantially improved performance, our new paintball minigun will gift you hours of relentless fun. Soon enough, we will have sleek new miniguns at our paintballing sites in Alton & Bournemouth. Hen parties, school trips, team building occasions and days out will be better spent paintballing with Camouflage Paintball.

The new guns are a double gun emplacement on a gimbaling stand behind a blast shield. With protection and rapid-fire power, you are well protected against the enemy. With two paintball guns fixed together, it has a crank firing handle, allowing paintballers to alternately fire both guns; making it effective for continuous defensive fire.

Our expert engineers are in the process of constructing the prototype and testing it to see if our CAD design
will work.

It’s a gun that guarantees efficiency, power and protection. Whether you’re sniping at aggressors moving amongst the trees, or you’re protecting your Tower, our new minigun will be light and effective for all users.

Find out more about our paintballing in Surrey & Hampshire today by browsing through the remainder of our website.

25-05-17 Camouflage Paintball -
New Toys for our Paintballing Marshals – a New Fleet of Radios

We’re a forward-thinking paintballing company that endeavours to offer a complete paintballing experience at both of our sites in Bournemouth and Alton.

For our marshals, ensuring that you play safely is important to them, but what’s equally essential to paintballing with us is that you enjoy the experience – our marshals will always be overlooking each game and trying to get you and your opposition ready for the competitive game of paintballing. It’ll be like a combat zone of paintballs, guns and fun.

Our team of marshals supervising the game will communicate with each other as well as help you to get into the zone of paintballing. With modern equipment to support our team, we have also implemented a new fleet of radios for our staff.

The new toys for the marshals was required to stay in line with the latest developments. By maintaining our fleet of radios, we aim to help marshals communicate with each other and give the best player experience. The team are professional and enthusiastic about their work and every marshal is fully trained by experienced management to guarantee safety and enjoyment on every visit.

If you would like to go paintballing in Dorset or Hampshire, you can guarantee that a trip to your local Camouflage Paintball site will give you hours of fun!

Find out more by browsing through the remainder of our website.

<Paintball traning videos Camberley>

11-05-17 Camouflage Paintball -
Paintball in Southampton with our New and Improved Paintball Mini Gun

<Paintballing Baskingstoke area>

Do you want to experience the finest paintballing in Southampton? Our paintballing games never disappoint
our guests and you can guarantee a morning, afternoon
or evening of fun.

Our paintballing sites in Alton and Bournemouth will give you an ultimate paintballing experience; whether it’s for a hen party, school trip or corporate occasion. Although we are known for our state of the art facilities, we are always looking to develop the experience with new areas, games and guns. Our latest development is the new design of our Paintball Mini Gun.

Our new Paintball Mini Gun is a double gun emplacement on a gambling stand behind a blast shield. It offers two paintball guns, which are fixed together with a crank firing handle to allow the player to alternately fire both guns. This produces a spectacular volley of continuous defensive fire on your enemy. It’s a super gun and we can’t wait to introduce it into our range of paintball guns.

Our CAD design of the new mini gun has come a long way and we are now working on the construction of this amazing new gun. We enjoy prototype construction and cannot wait for the gun to be made by our expert manufacturing team.

28-04-17 Camouflage Paintball -
Weeding is Key to our Paintballing Site Maintenance

Paintballing is a fun day out that everyone can enjoy. It’s ideal for a gettogether with friends and colleagues, and ideal for special occasions like stag and hen parties.

For our team here at Camouflage Paintball, it’s imperative to ensure that the facilities are well-maintained throughout the year and that your games are unaffected; whether it’s due to nature or the quality of the structures.

Something seemingly as small as the growth of weeds could impact your paintballing experience, which is why we will weed our paintballing sites in Bournemouth and Alton regularly. Weeding is key to our paintball site maintenance and it’s something that we are serious about.

Weeds are an inconvenience to most gardens, and this view is equally shared here. Your safety is important and by
de-weeding our premises, we guarantee clear pathways for you to tread freely and focus entirely on attacking the enemy.

Not only do we complete weeding from a safety aspect, but we also have respect of the aesthetics of our paintballing premises, we want our sites to look the part.

Our maintained premises offer you maximised quality – but this alongside our modern equipment and professionally trained marshals makes our paintballing facilities and experience the best in the South of England.

You can find out more about paintballing with us by browsing through the remainder of our website.

<Paintball traning videos Camberley>

12-04-17 Camouflage Paintball -
Pot Hole Repairs in our Car Parks

<Paintball site car park Winchester>

At Camouflage Paintball, we care about all aspects of our service – from the paintball experience itself right down to the quality of our car parks. Along with our 21st century paintballing facilities, we offer amazing amenities that ensure that your time here is as enjoyable and comfortable as it
can be.


As you can see from the picture, we even repair the potholes in our car park, which is surfaced with ecologically friendly gravel, to prevent cars from getting stuck – sometimes a problem with other companies, but we always keep on top of it to ensure it’s safe for you and your vehicle.

We’re have tremendous, convenient locations and we’ve made them as homely as possible. Along with our parking area, we offer lockers for your items, covered seating as well as picnic benches, heated male & female toilets, hot water washing facilities, a goggle cleaning zone, an on-site shop that sells refreshments, paint grenades and anti-fog wipes, and tea & coffee making facilities.

If you would like to book an amazing paintballing trip in Bournemouth or Alton, then please do take advantage of our 50% off half day 100 ball package. It's a great occasion for private parties, team building or even as a solo paintballer!

29-03-17 Camouflage Paintball -
We Jet Wash Our Paintball Facilities

Cleaning is one of the most fundamental processes of managing a paintballing site. Should you not keep your paintballing zones clean and maintained, it will impact your game and make the experience much less enjoyable. Here at Camouflage Paintball, we always ensure that we are maintaining the paintball premises in Bournemouth
and Alton.

We’re the leaders of paintballing in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, and one of the key reasons to our reputation is due to our strict guidelines. Of course, we recently spoke about our extensive marshal training, but the paintballing course itself needs to be up to the best standards for our guests. Without a clean and clear site, we would not only be risking the enjoyment of our customers, but their safety too.

When people come to paintball at Camouflage Paintball, they always comment on our state-of-the-art paintballing facilities. For us, we’re extremely proud of our extensive paintball sites and have achieved a great deal in terms of keeping them in the best condition – with thanks to our regular jet washing and forestry maintenance.

Whether you’re in Basingstoke, Winchester, Portsmouth, Southampton or any other location in the South and South East of England, then you can join us for an exhilarating day.

Check out our virtual tours and view the quality of our paintballing sites today!

<Paintball site cleaning Aldershot>

<Paintball site cleaning Guildford>

15-03-17 Camouflage Paintball -
Our Expert Staff at work on our Paintballing Sites

Any paintballing site requires regular maintenance – without it, we would be putting our guests at risk. Whether it’s capture the flag or an out and out battle with the other team, the paintballing site needs to be safely challenging and managed, so you do not seriously injure yourself or someone else.

Part of our paintball site maintenance includes tree felling and grinding tree stumps. You are our responsibility when you come for paintballing at our Bournemouth or Alton site. Although we aim to make the premises safe, you can still guarantee hardcore paintballing fun at our contemporary paintballing sites in the South of England.

Our expert staff regularly work on each site to ensure there are no threatening roots or stumps to hurt you. They are extremely experienced and professional in what they do and will always ensure that all potential hazards are dealt with accordingly.

Forestry Management is extremely important for our paintballing sites in Hampshire and Surrey, mostly because we are fortunate to have our sites located in extremely green areas – making your paintballing experience even better.

Our sites are modern, maintained and offer a great variety of games. You can guarantee some amazing paintballing experiences within a realistic setting – our real forest surroundings and man-made structures will throw you into a combat zone like no other.

<Paintball site Chichester>

03-02-17 Camouflage Paintball -
Marshal Training Videos

What do you expect when you and a group of family or friends come to do some paintballing? Do you expect quality courses with many hiding spots and castles, with varied game mode options and effective paintball guns?

Whether you would prefer to be James Bond or Jason Bourne, we count safety as one of the most
important aspects of paintballing, and that is why our paintballing sessions are always under the care of one of our expertly trained marshals.

Our team of marshals are trained within our strict standards – which means they will be responsible for your safety at all times. Not only that, but they will be responsible for you having fun. If you’re not having fun, then they as your marshals are not doing their job!

We offer a quality paintball marshal training programme, which will teach them everything they need to know about the safety and procedures of paintballing; yet giving them tips on how to improve the experience for customers.

Within our training, we have one of our very own marshal training videos to educate our staff. This not only give them the theoretical knowledge, but also puts the knowledge into the appropriate context, so that they know how to apply it appropriately, to give you the best possible paintball day.

<Paintball traning videos Camberley>

15-01-17 Camouflage Paintball -
Our Extensive Marshal Training

Paintball marker Maintenance Franbrough

Our dynamic team here at Camouflage Paintball always strive to offer the best paintballing experience for everyone. No matter what age you are or the reason for your visit, we will make sure you have fun and be safe at all times.

Many paintball companies will boast about their wonderful paintballing facilities and their range of activities, but we can flaunt our professionally trained personnel.




We offer the highest level of marshal training, which in turn gives our guests the best experience. Our knowledgeable marshals are the secret to our success – they always want to help you gain the most out of your time with us, and will do so with diligence and safety in mind. Our marshal training process increases the experience for guests as well as the knowledge for our staff.

Our high standard marshal training is one of our many employee benefits. We’ll be able to train each marshal how to effectively manage a paintballing group, learn the ropes about each course & game mode, and ensure that everyone in the vicinity is safe at all times

Along with the safety teachings, we also allow marshals to expand on their personality – this is an important aspect of our training to ensure the guests are still able to enjoy their time.

Whether you join us for a birthday party, school trip, stag/hen party, or corporate event, you will get to experience the finest paintballing in Surrey and Hampshire.

21-11-16 Camouflage Paintball -
Peppa Pig Tool Kit Upgrade!

Are you looking for paintballing in Hampshire? Here at Camouflage Paintball, we have highly trained marshals who
look after paintball guns, and ensure all equipment is well-maintained with their modern paintballing maintenance processes. Our team have a great deal of tool kits at their disposal, which contain o-rings, screws, washers, seals, as well as an assortment of specialist tools.

The newest upgrade to the tool kit is a high-tech item called a tooth brush – in particular a new Peppa Pig tooth brush – it is just the right size for cleaning grit that can accumulate inside the paintball guns. With this new Peppa Pig tool kit upgrade, we ensure that your paintball guns are fully optimised for use and will not falter when out on the field.

Peppa Pig is helping keep all the equipment in top working condition, and ensuring that you have the best paintball experience at our paintball locations in Alton and Bournemouth.

  <Upgrade marker deployment Winchester >

If you are located in Basingstoke, Winchester, Portsmouth, Southampton and any other location in the South and South East of England, then you can join us to experience an exhilarating day out.

If you’re looking for a fun day of paintballing in Dorset, join us here at Camouflage Paintball.

<Upgrade protype Southampton>

24-09-16 Camouflage Paintball -
The TAC Inferno is launched!

The TAC Inferno was an immediate hit with our customers on launch day. Every gun was hired and players loved the looks and features. We even had customers adapting their play style to match the new upgrades on the gun. The marshals were also happy to be working with a reliable upgrade gun that they were familiar with. Look out for more TAC Infernos coming to Camouflage Paintball!

20-09-16 Camouflage Paintball -
The TAC Inferno production

The TAC Inferno was assembled by experienced engineers in Aldershot, Hampshire. We machined all our custom parts in house, such as the mounting rails, and sourced the red dot sight from our pro-archery division in the US. Keeping production in the UK allows us to oversee the quality of the finished product and ensure it stays as close to the original design brief as possible.

Experience the TAC Inferno as Camouflage Paintball:
The Heart of Adventure!

<Upgrade marker protype Eastleigh>

<Marker upgrade development Aldershot>

12-08-16 Camouflage Paintball -
The TAC Inferno design and development

The TAC Inferno was designed in-house by our sister company, Arrow Precision. The brief was for a superior upgrade gun with the same reliability as the Inferno, but with a tactical twist. We wanted a gun that looked great, but also performed better than anything else out there. We used the latest CAD software to visualise the layout of the gun before production, and several prototypes were rendered before we settled on the current version.

13-07-16 Camouflage Paintball
- Filming begins at site

It’s time to make the most of the good weather and continue with our filming schedule. We’ve completed a number of videos at our Alton venue and now it’s Bournemouth’s turn in the spotlight. Our next project will be an exciting feature using our popular Bridge Field as a backdrop to the story.

The run-up to filming involves weeks of story-boards and plot discussions in the office before going on set for a series of ‘pre-visualisations’. Getting out on the field allows us to check camera angles, tracking and lighting before the big day. Pre-planning is the key to a good shoot as once the extras have been hired and the special effects setup, retakes can be very costly and time-consuming. All our footage is shot in ultra-high definition 4K video, which gives us incredible flexibility in post-production.

The completed videos are then uploaded to our Camouflage Paintball website. We hope you enjoy the movies as much as we do filming them. Keep visiting our website for the latest epic adventures from the production team at Powerball.

<Epic paintball videos Portsmouth>

<Paintball videos Newbury>

16-07-16 Camouflage Paintball -
The Bunker film is now ready to view

Our mini-movie, ‘The Bunker’ is now ready to view. Shot on location and edited in-house, it’s a fast paced adventure starring our marshal team and a few cameos from head office. We had a great time making it and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Click here to watch

10-05-16 Camouflage Paintball -
The Bunker trailer is released

We’re just putting the finishing touches on our
mini-movie, ‘The Bunker’. Shot on location at our
Alton site, we went all-out on special effects and
costumes. Check out the trailer and look out for
the full release!

Click here to watch the trailer

<Paintball moive Gosport>

25-03-16 Camouflage Paintball - Game tactics for new players part 2

A lot of new players will run to the first bit of cover they see and not leave it until the end of the game. Movement is vital if you want to win. If you get the chance to move up to a new barricade further up the field you might find that can get some shots on the other team as you have new angles on them. Whenever you can move up to a new barricade or cover, make sure you have a good look around as you may now be able to get shots on people that you couldn’t hit before.

Flanking other players is a great way to get them out. One person needs to put some fire down on the target player to keep them from shooting back while the second player moves to the right or left to get a new position that allows them to take out the target.

It’s quite hard to hit a moving target with a paintball gun providing you aren’t running straight at the guy with the gun. If you need to retreat then do it, it’s better to stay in the game longer and still be able to take out some of the other team than going out in a blaze of glory having achieved nothing.

Communication and Teamwork

These two aspects of the game are often overlooked by new players to the game of paintball yet they can have a massive impact. All too often you might see two teams and think Team B is going to get slaughtered by Team A but the opposite happens. It’s often down to communication and team work. A simple example is when Team B sees some of Team A pushing up one of their flanks. All it takes is one person to communicate this to the rest of the team and bring some help over to stop the other team in their tracks. At the start of the game the team that quickly talks over a simple plan of where they are going and what they are trying to do will often beat the team of Rambos that charge off on their own.


20-03-16 Camouflage Paintball

<Paintball tactics Surrey>

The start of every game can be crucial and can mean the difference between winning and losing in the first minute. In a typical capture the flag game for instance, the team that sits back to defend will often lose. In fact the old saying that “The best defence is a good offense” is true. The more aggressive team that pushes out from the start to gain ground will get more options to move around the field and get into better positions and get more firing angles. The defensive team can end up trapped in a small area, seriously limiting their options.

Spread out, it can be tempting for everyone to run for the best cover/vantage point. The trouble with doing this is that you will attract a lot of fire from the other team when they see you all. You can also end up getting pinned in one spot if the other team has spread out around you. By spreading out in small groups you will get more angles and opportunities to shoot the other team. You might even find a side of the field that is undefended allowing you to get to the enemies flank or even right behind them.

Try and stay as close to cover or barricades as possible, it’s known as playing tight. If you are sitting a long way back from cover you are giving more angles and opportunities for the opposing team to shoot you. Try and keep yourself as compact as possible, if your elbows or feet are sticking out from cover you might get taken out early. If you are behind cover and paintballs are still being shot at you it’s probably because the other player can see a part of you.

If you start trading shots with another player, try and be unpredictable. If you keep popping out of the right hand side of a barricade for example the other player might get an easy shot on you. Mix it up by popping out on the left, high and low sometimes. Generally it’s better to come out of the sides of barricades as you expose less of yourself to getting shot. If you come out of the top of cover you will expose a lot more of yourself but sometimes you may need to do it. If you come out of the left side of a barricade with your gun in your right hand you will expose a lot of your body, head and arms. Try and switch your gun to your left hand instead, it will feel odd but you are less likely to get shot. Another technique to use is called snap shooting, the idea is to pop out and take a shot and get back into cover again as quickly as possible.

You need to be able to see what is going on, but try not to just stick your head out until someone starts shooting at you. Keep popping your head out for a split second as it’s very hard to hit a fast moving target that you only see very briefly. Don’t get tunnel vision and focus on one tiny part of the field, keep looking around so you get the bigger picture of what is going on. It’s very easy to be focused on someone who is trying to shoot you and suddenly get flanked by his friend who you didn’t see moving up on you. Another good habit to get into is to bring up your gun when you look around the field. You might get the opportunity to get a shot off on another player that you would otherwise miss.

<Paintball goggles Andover>


16-03-16 Camouflage Paintball - Goggles
The most important piece of equipment that you
will be given.

Forget the guns and grenades, your goggles are the most important piece of equipment when you play paintball. Apart from protecting your eyes you also need to be able to see what’s going on to get the most out of your day. Spending a few minutes in between games, cleaning and prepping your goggles, can make a massive difference to your
day out.

We have both full head and half head goggles available. The difference between them is the full head goggles give you more protection on the top and back of your head but the trade off is that they can steam up more than the half head goggles. The half head goggles will allow you to vent more of the heat that you will generate once you are running around playing.

The foam around the lens needs to be a reasonably tight fit to your face, so adjust the strap on the back of the goggles to make them fit properly. If you are wearing half head goggles the strap needs to be worn up around the widest part of the back of your head. If the strap is too low near your neck the foam won’t seal properly and possibly cause your goggles to mist up.

If you are wearing lots of layers of clothes with overalls on top of them you will soon get very hot and your goggles are more likely to steam up. Take some of the layers off to reduce this happening.

The first thing to do once you get back to the base camp in between games, is check and clean your goggles. Remove any paint or bits of shell and dry them off if they are wet at all. Any moisture in your goggles will make them steam up when you wear them next. If your face or hair is sweaty then dry yourself off as well as this will also help prevent misting up. If needed, you can buy more anti fog wipes from the shop.



02-03-16 Camouflage Paintball -
Smoke and Frag Grenades

At Camouflage Paintball we use high quality smoke and frag grenades supplied by Enola Gaye. Smoke grenades are used to create cover to either move up or sometimes to retreat as well. One or two smoke grenades strategically thrown can allow your team to move up against defensive positions in games like The Gates of Mordor in Bournemouth or The Castle at Alton. They can work on any game zone given though, just pick your moment.

Frag grenades are great for intimidating the opposition team as you can actually get people out of the game with them. If you throw a frag grenade and it lands within a couple of metres of another player who is not behind cover, you can get them out whether they are hit or not. You will also get some bonus points on the score board as its quite funny getting grenade kills. The current record is seven kills with one grenade!

  <Frag and smokes Hampshire>

Watch our videos to see how effective they
can be on the field.

<FRag video button> <Smoke video button>


24-02-16 Camouflage Paintball - Paintball near Portsmouth

Paintballing is an adrenaline-filled, thrilling experience, but then you don’t need us to tell you that. Why not come along yourself to see just how fun paintballing can be? If you’re keen to organise a day of paintballing as a work outing or just for fun with friends and family then Camouflage Paintball is the place for you.

We have two state of the art paintballing facilities, one near Alton in Hampshire which is ideally located for those travelling from Portsmouth, Basingstoke, Winchester and Southampton, and one near Bournemouth in Dorset. Both our sites are purpose-built, and you can expect state of the art equipment and incredible game zones – better than you will find anywhere else in the UK. We know that attention to detail pays off, which is why we ensure that everything is done properly so that each and every customer can enjoy an amazing paintballing experience.

If you want to challenge your friends, family or work colleagues in the paintballing arena then Camouflage Paintball is the place to go.

11-02-16 Camouflage Paintball - Paintballing Fareham

Are you a paintballing enthusiast keen to try a new paintballing centre? Perhaps you’re a novice seeking a new challenge? When it comes to outdoor entertainment, if you’re looking for something active and exhilarating then it takes a lot to beat paintballing, and if you want the best paintballing experience then look to Camouflage Paintball.

On our battlefield you’ll be armed with the best gear and equipment, supervised by fully-trained and friendly staff, targeted by your mates, and you’ll be able to use our state of the art facilities and game zones. What could be better?

With sites in Hampshire and Dorset, both venues have been rebuilt and now boast excellent facilities and equipment. Open all year round, we cater to large groups. So whether you’re having a stag or hen party, a birthday celebration, a corporate day out or a school/college trip, paintballing is always the way forward. We even offer a full-day package which includes pizza.
So why not get in touch today to book your paintballing day out?

02-01-16 Camouflage Paintball - Paintballing near Portsmouth

Are you looking for a great paintball experience? Are you ready to don your camouflage gear and test your paintballing abilities? There’s only one paintball experience worth having, and that’s with Camouflage Paintball.

Paintballing is not for the faint-hearted, but if you really get into the game then it’s a whole lot of fun. It’s fast-paced and unpredictable, and the aim is not to get shot. Are you ready to give it a go?

If you’re fed up with poor paintballing facilities, second-rate equipment, uninspiring game zones and overpriced days out then you’ll love what we offer here at Camouflage Paintball. We offer something new: a renewed focus on the customer experience. We’ve raised the bar and brought in better camouflage gear, attentive and highly-trained staff, better equipment and better facilities to make sure you get the best paintballing experience.

With our experience of the paintball industry and our focus on improving the customer experience, we’re at the top of the paintballing game. Are you at the top of yours? If you want to challenge yourself and your friends or colleagues in one of our game zones – then get in touch. Our Alton site is the closest to Portsmouth but we also have a site near Bournemouth in Dorset.

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